The Cooperstown Public Library is a small community library located in Cooperstown, PA.  We are a member of the Oil Creek District and branch of the Oil Region Library Association. Our mission is to promote literacy and offer a safe, comfortable place for people to read or work.  We offer a surprisingly large selection of books and materials for people of all ages.  We also offer free Wifi, public access computers and printers.


cooperstown blooming tree signOur Service Area

We are situated in Cooperstown, PA. We provide free library cards to residents of the following municipalities in Venango County, PA:

Cooperstown Borough
Plum Township
Jackson Township
Oakland Township

Residents of these areas will get an Access PA sticker on their cards.  This makes it possible to use your card pretty much anywhere. As a branch library of Oil Region Library Association, we can also register patrons who reside in the service areas of the Franklin Public Library and Oil City Library.

If you are not a resident of one of these four municipalities, or of the other two library service areas, you can purchase a Cooperstown Public Library card as a non-resident. Non-resident cards are $30.00 per year, per family.


Our History  Original Cooperstown, PA Library

In 1908, the Women’s Christian Temperance Union established a Public Reading Room in the home of Mrs. Lee Miller, pictured at right. The Public Reading Room would eventually evolve into the Cooperstown Public Library, with the establishment of the Cooperstown Public Library Association in 1908.

Mrs Mary Boal Portrait

In 1923 Mrs. Mary L. Boal, pictured at left, willed her home to the Cooperstown Public Library Association as a permanent home for the library.  Mrs. Boal was a Charter Member of the Association and one of it’s most interested friends.  The deed for the property was formally transferred to the Association by Mrs. Emma Rice.  A one dollar consideration was paid and the deed accepted by the Association and in due time was recorded.

The library moved to its current location at 182 North Main Street in June of 1988.

The library became a branch of the Oil Region Library Association January 1, 2018.